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Comò Luigi XV

Elegance of Made in Italy craftmanship


Libreria PR302

The classical style, Always trendy



Every piece of furniture is unique wonder


Furniture in Provencal Style, Shabby Chic, Country Chic, Hand-decorated and Bespoke furniture to furnish your dream home

– Maison De Provence –

The greatest joy in the world is to begin. A new day, a new friendship, a new journey, a new home. It is nice to live because life is to begin, always at every moment”

Cesare Pavese

– Atelier Des Meubles –

Suggestive glimpses of a lifestyle linked to romantic forms of the past, where perfumes and colors bring back memories to a lived experience full of charm.

– Colori D’Epoca –

Style is the dress of life, and a well-dressed life looks much better.

A fascinating collection, able to make the “daily life in your home” pleasantly irresistible!

Timeless classics.
Each piece of furniture is a piece of sublime craftsmanship with a seductive design.
The precious workmanship is reflected in the details, which enhance its charm.
Models and collections have been designed to meet even the most personal needs and to turn the classic into a real lifestyle.
There is always a man behind every piece of furniture. And to build a beautiful piece of furniture it is necessary to select the materials, to work the wood in such a way that it can foresee its movements, choose the right construction techniques, the joints and the thicknesses.
Interiors combines the needs of the modern era with the stylistic coherence of the past.
Faithful to ancient cabinetmaking techniques, all the furniture is created by assembling the components with joints, joints and wooden spikes that allow them to “move” without creating splits; embellished with decorative details in inlaid wood or carved by hand, with hand-painted decorations, open-pore lacquers, polishes with earth-based colors, natural beeswax and shellac.
With accessories and decorations full of taste and elegance, the home decor will shine with its own light because, you know, are the small details of style that really make the difference.
Interiors offers you wonderful ideas and inspirations for you and your home



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Why choose Interiors Italia

  • We respect tradition and use wood of the best quality.

  • Each of our products is skilfully worked and edited in every detail.

  • We develop customized projects  to meet your every need

  • Our furniture is guaranteed by the “Made in Italy” label, an icon all over the world!