Trees and wood products are the future! Wood is the most ecological raw material on earth … that’s why use it! The choice of wood as a raw material is a conscious and responsible choice that always starts from the deep love and respect that we at Interiors Italia have for Nature. In fact, wood is «a brilliant gift of Nature» because it is a renewable, ecological, environmentally friendly and recyclable resource.

Growing trees consume carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the environment.
Did you know that the more the tree ages, the less carbon dioxide it consumes? This is why the trees  we use for the production of furniture are «old» trees that, once cut, are replaced by young trees that consume a lot of carbon dioxide to grow.

The waste that is inevitably created in the processing stages of our furnishings are all recycled in two ways:
in the summer season they are ground and used for animal bedding, because it is considered the best wood for this purpose, while in winter they are used to heat our factory.


First of all an ecological piece of furniture must be a quality product, must last over time, must not be disposed of in the short term, not to generate waste and therefore waste of resources.
The treatments are performed manually, on every single piece, using oil and natural waxes.
With this technique, the wood will maintain normal transpiration enhancing its beauty and pleasant sensations to the touch.
The wood remains «alive», thus avoiding the accumulation of electrostatic charges, it becomes a thermoregulator, absorbing the excess humidity that may exist in an environment, to restore it in case of need.


Interiors Italia has always paid close attention to the great theme of respect for the environment and to the problems related to its active protection.
A primary value, that of eco-sustainability, which for the company has immediately translated into a concrete commitment. Always honored over the years by carefully considering the different aspects and the different implications of its design, production and logistics activities.

The sensitivity of Interiors Italia towards these perspectives is the result of an authentic and natural ethical position, like its products. And this is not said by chance.
Total respect for its public (in the broadest and most universal sense of the term) and towards itself, in fact, are at the base of the company’s actions.
Many of our suppliers are committed to generating and using clean energy systems for their plants through photovoltaic systems, and using fully recyclable products for furniture packaging, limiting as much as possible the massive use of materials deriving from oil .

For Interiors Italia, a genuinely and environmentally sustainable development perspective can only provide for a single operational horizon.The one outlined by a serious commitment to produce furnishings — beautiful and functional, durable and quality — to «zero impact», as far as technologically and factually possible.
Also re-adapting the internal technologies and processes over time to the need to always marry this ethical and productive urgency. Without compromises.