Our Company


The harmony among the men always produces amazing results.

Interiors Italia from 1964 produces furniture in appreciated wood, certified and guaranteed: our craftsmen work only the most precious wood according to the ancient woodwork techniques.

Never changing style and everlasting value are the details of our products. Wood-carving, inlaying and moulding are entirely hand-made, and reproduce the themes and lines of the corresponding period.


The finishing of every piece of furniture is entirely hand-made, with proper buffers of different thickness,coloured earth powders, shellac and natural wax: a long and patient procedure that transmits to the piece of furniture a lived aspect, warm and natural, typical of the antique furniture.

All the productive phases are rigorously realized in the only seat in Città di Castello, authentic Umbrian pearl of the Renaissance, and all the products are entirely belonging to a quality Made in Italy.

Lavorazione Legno INTERIORS

In our offices, antiquarians, model makers and interior designers study, plan and give back life to ancient shapes, updating and turning them into contemporary lines.

Our products are distributed among the principal retailers of furnishings, furniture and complements of furnishing in Italy and, to the foreign countries. Great Britain, Korea, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, United States, Japan, Turkey are the most served country.