Welcome To Your Home

We design functional houses and full of charm, realizing your dreams with  quality materials and original accessories.

Our offer is totally customizable in size, materials, colours and patinas: Furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, floors, fabrics.

A major project “tailored” to build together your ideal home.

Romantic and evocative atmospheres, interiors full of charme and elegance.

Uniqueness, value retention over time, beauty, functionality, style and elegance, character and strong identity. These are the characteristics of a product Interiors Italia.

Made of real wood and craft procedures, our products can bear the label “Made in Italy “ just because every single stage of processing takes place in Italy, from selecting the timber to the works of carpentry, glazing, decoration, gold plating, assembly equipment, packaging and shipping.

Handmade working process up to the great old handicraft tradition.

Experience, passion and love are the most important ingredients to live perfectly with the Provence style.

Our leading Mission is therefore simply making value for the custom,  satisfying his needs, requirements and desires… to reach the absolute gratification of both.

Enjoy your home!